Salt Bar Soap |Coconut Oil Soap Part 3

Salt Bar Soap is my FAVORITE! Not only is salt bar soap quick to make, it is amazing on the skin. What is a Salt Bar Soap? A salt bar is soap usually made with a high percentage of coconut oil and sea salt. These help produce a bar that is long lasting, still able Continue reading

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling |Heaven Is Calling 1 Samuel 1:1-20

This year I have committed to more Bible journaling. I want to take time to dig deep into God’s word and Steep in it. Many times we read the Word but don’t really allow it to sink in. What I love about Bible Journaling is that it gives me a chance to not only express Continue reading

coconut oil soap

Coconut Oil Soap |The Super Cleaner Part 1

Coconut Oil Soap |The Super Cleaner Ever since I timidly walked into my local home improvement store and searched out my first container of lye, I have loved making soap. I have tried all sorts of recipes from simple olive, coconut and castor oil, to one where all I use is my stick blender to Continue reading

Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day Cards!!

Valentines Day Cards are probably my favorite cards to make. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE, love? 🙂 X’s and O’s, red pink and white, hearts and Cupid?  Yep, Valentines Day Cards are definitely my favorite! I wanted to showcase a few of the Valentines Day cards I have made for this years holiday. These will Continue reading

Laundry Butter From Coconut Oil Soap

Laundry Butter |YouTube Tuesday

I absolutely love Laundry Butter! Not only is Laundry Butter economical, and effective. I can make it using my coconut oil soap that I made last week! I love being able to use my own products in even more products, especially in my home where I want to keep as many harmful chemicals away from Continue reading

Coconut Oil Laundry Soap

Coconut Oil Laundry Soap |YouTube Tuesday

100% Coconut Oil Laundry Soap is a powerhouse of cleaning! Almost a year ago I made this video showing how I made coconut oil soap as well as laundry butter. My camera wasn’t all that great nor the lighting, so I decided to remake this soap and recipe. The original recipe I got from Miki Continue reading